Our Story

“The secrets in the sauce” is what El Fredo Pizza is best known for. Fifty-five years ago, Fred Lennon concocted El Fredo’s famous “Original Sauce” and it has stayed true to what it is today. Fred and Kate Lennon opened the first El Fredo Pizza in 1958 on 27th and Pierce street. It then relocated to 24th and Courts streets and remained open until 1987.

The current location of El Fredo Pizza at 523 W. 19th St was opened in 1971 and remains open under Fred and Katie’s son John and his wife Kip. This family restaurant mainstay in Sioux City continues to carry on the same traditions as Fred envisioned for family style restaurant.

El Fredo Pizza prides itself on the homemade ingredients such as the dough, signature pizza sauce, blue cheese dressing, lasagna, and spaghetti sauce. These are the building blocks of the foods that have kept people coming back to El Fredo’s for many years.

The westside location currently holds a capacity of 198 people with have two main dining areas, a party room, and bar seating. El Fredo Pizza is open to meetings, wedding receptions, family reunions, and birthday parties. They also have a game room for kids of all ages.

There is also a second restaurant located at 4511 Stone Ave, Sioux City, IA 51106 (Morningside) 712-276-5900